What's The Use Of Going To School If You Don't Enjoy It?

Updated: Jun 5

by Aiysha Russo on 5th June

I went from disliking studies to genuinely enjoying studies. So, picture this. I went from a massive international school, to a tiny bungalow that had almost nothing - no facilities at all; no gym, no auditorium, no swimming pool, and barely any students. It was a new start and a new environment, so just like anyone else I felt worried about how I would adapt to it. I thought to myself, “I’d never be able to adjust to being in a small school.” I had countless negative thoughts running through my head and I just presumed all schools were the same; boring, boring, and boring.

It was until the Surin Academy showed me that studying was not only through textbooks and worksheets! During science classes, would you rather have a million science worksheets.. Or handle a real cow brain with your own two hands?! Crazy stuff, isn’t it? A textbook will never give you unforgettable memories, unless you experience it. However, some may not like the real deal, and would rather stick to memorising notes from the textbooks. Totally understandable. Or others would rather have more physical activities which involve more movement to learn. How does a game of math question tag in the outdoors sound? It gives me sweaty vibes, I’d say. One of my classmates preferred to learn this way. It’s all about preference, isn’t it? I’ve been attending this school for four years, and I now understand that everyone has different learning styles.

Learning through experience has taught me more than any textbook I’ve come across. My school has opened my eyes to see different points of view -instead of always being focused on one. The way you might enjoy learning may not be the same as your best friends’, but that doesn’t make you any different from each other -it’s just preference. In the Surin Academy, there are also students with learning disabilities, and being exposed to my friends with learning disabilities showed me how to understand their needs better.


It is not always about your grades, and how high you can score in a test. You don’t need to be an A-star student to prove your knowledge, as everyone knows different information which we can then share, for the betterment of ourselves and others. When I tell people from my previous school about my current school, they enjoy the entire idea of it. Learning my own way and learning based on projects and field trips gave me the real-life experience of it all.

One of my most unforgettable experiences was when my classmates and I got to volunteer at the National Cancer Society. We participated in cleaning up the centre and meeting some of the cancer patients who were children. I learnt things I never would have, had it not been for the experience.

One method of studying seems ideal for everyone, when really, it’s not. (unless we’re talking about maths.)

So, again I ask, what is the use of studying if you don’t enjoy it?

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