We're a small group of parents who happened to be educators. And we started The Surin Academy because we were worried about the many issues facing the world today. We wanted our children to grow up to be be unafraid of uncertainty and the many changes that will happen in the world. We wanted our children to move with purpose, be resilient, empathetic and brave while also having the confidence to celebrate their own individual uniqueness. 

To better serve our children, we continually develop our learning methodologies and our curriculum in school. We have never stopped improving ourselves and we strive to model this behaviour for our children. When the lockdown happened in Malaysia due to the coronavirus, our educators and our community came together, innovated and reimagined education. And then delivered an online education that, in the words of one of our parents, "High standards of teaching and dedicated attention to all students."


It is our dream that one day our school will no longer have a reason for being, that one day public education will be able to cater to every child in a way that develops purposeful, empathetic and capable children. Till that day comes, we will serve in a way few schools can – by sharing our knowledge of inclusive education to any educator from any school that comes through our doors. We aim to move all of Malaysian education forward.


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We aim to provide access to education as a right and an education that suits each child's different needs.

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We believe that nature provides the biggest resource for our student’s growth and development.

We believe that changing paradigms means changing how education should work, how teachers should teach and how students can contribute to the world.


We believe in mentoring and journeying with children, in helping them discover their own keys to unlock their own potential.


We commit to bringing real life experiences into classrooms because they enrich our students' learning journey that goes beyond academics.


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